Fashion Tech Rising Trends

Nike presents its first self-launching sneakers: the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, directly inspired by those of Marty Mc Fly in “Back to the Future.” The facts are there, techno is invading fashion, and it is no longer science fiction, it is becoming very concrete, and very close. Fashion Tech could well revolutionize the way we consume fashion, but not only.

But how far can Fashion Tech go?

What are the main trends and what could change in our consumption patterns? Or even in our lifestyles? First elements of the answer, with the help of the Rentez Vous expert.

Fashion Tech: the global revolution of an industry

At first, glance, when we talk about Fashion tech, the recipe is simple: it is a mixture of fashion and technology with a slight touch of innovation. Simple on paper but not so evident in practice.

“Fashion Tech” is a term that encompasses all the developments that are changing the fashion industry in the digital age. This very traditional sector, in which technology was only slightly present, is gradually improving and the entire value chain of the textile industry is concerned: raw materials, creation, design, distribution, logistics, marketing, recycling… A concept is still little known to the general public; it nevertheless foreshadows the future of a whole sector in which collaborations between Fashion and High Tech will be increasingly present!

Innovations to know about

When we talk about Fashion Tech, there are a whole bunch of associated terms that also help us to understand better what this new trend is.

For example, the term “wearable” is often associated with it. The “wearable,” it is the whole of the clothing or accessories containing technologies (advanced computer or electronic elements) and which make it connected or even increased, i.e., with something (very often a service) besides.

We are also talking about smart-textile; in other words, intelligent textiles, which can be made to do or make people say things.
New technologies such as 3D printing or artificial intelligence are also very present in Fashion Tech.
Primary objective: to make fashion useful!

Among the innovations that are beginning to emerge in the fashion sector, the vast majority are seeking to put the user back at the center of design with a single objective in mind: to offer a useful service. This is what is at stake with these connected clothes or accessories, which should above all make our lives easier.

An umbrella that can warn you when it is going to rain and send you a notification if you have forgotten it at the office or in a restaurant? It exists and is called Oombrella.

A wallet that can recharge your smartphone: “De Rigueur” has done it.

In many sectors, particularly the luxury sector, new technologies have also sought to bring more and more personalization. We can, therefore, imagine that our clothes (some of which are worn every day or almost every day!) could use a whole set of Data to offer us tailor-made services and make us live unique experiences. All these new technologies will intrinsically change our daily lives and our relationship to the body through clothing.

The opinion of an expert in the sector

A revolution in the shopping experience

A useful and personalized service is also the idea of the founders of AskAnna, an application created in June 2015, which aims to revolutionize the shopping experience by eliminating indecision. How? How? By allowing its users to obtain instant advice from friends, the community and fashion professionals. A personal stylist who knows you very well, in your pocket and gives you personalized information.

“Fashion is increasingly influenced by data and consumer preferences. Data has a real role to play in creation, it is no longer just the intuition of the creator and his team,” says Tudor Gheorghiu, AskAnna’s co-founder. Creators must therefore adapt, and quickly since consumers and their purchasing behavior evolve very quickly!