How technology is combating poor posture

Modern technology has become vital in our working lives with most of us spending at least 40hours a week behind a tablet, phone, or laptop. With all this time spent in front of devices, it’s no wonder poor spine health has risen. Bad posture just doesn’t affect older individuals, and the pain isn’t temporary. Permanent issues including hunching, rounded shoulders, and tech neck are all up due to our overuse of technology.

When we achieve good posture our spine, bone,s and joints all fall into alignment no matter what position our body takes. This means sitting, lying down, or standing you are always in the correct spinal alignment. Doing so ensures better physical and mental health! When we fail to do this we experience bad posture and chronic pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. As mentioned poor alignment from activities on work devices is the biggest culprit for the rise in bad posture, however, technology is fighting back to help reduce this.

Many posture braces have entered the market over the last few years. Utilizing different patents, technology, and materials to help combat bad posture. Let’s look over three of these new technological marvels.

UpRight Go s

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone reminded you to sit up straight every time you hunched over? Well with the Upright Go s you have the next best thing! Place this small device on your back, this will be done with either a necklace or adhesive clear strips. Input data within the device’s app, it will need your weight, age, and height. Once done you are ready to go about your day. The Upright Go s will now monitor your posture and every time you hunch over a light vibration will occur! Reminding you to sit back up straight into proper posture. Unlike other posture correctors that unnaturally pull your shoulders back, the Upright Go s fixes your spinal posture naturally. Training your body to align correctly, providing a much more practical way to improve your posture.

As mentioned you can alter settings on the device via the app, this includes how aggressively it vibrates. The Upright Go s can sync with almost any phone via Bluetooth and store data for 30 days. Overall a great new piece of technology that is helping to combat poor posture.

Magnetic Full Back Brace

Similar to traditional posture braces this magnetic back brace will immediately help fix your posture. What makes this device stand out tho is the 12 tourmaline magnets! his full back brace utilizes tourmaline magnets which are embedded within the material. These magnets help to stimulate healthy blood flow across the back and core muscles. Helping to keep your spine healthy optimum, all while gently pushing your shoulders back.

If you want to get immediate relief from tech neck or rounded shoulders a device like a Magnetic full-back brace is defiantly the answer.

Posture Shirts

This next technological marvel just looks like a plain t-shirt, well that’s because it is, but with a twist. This shirt will fix your posture, aligning the spine without you ever having to put in any effort!

A posture shirt works by activating and stimulating specific muscles. It does this with neurobands, which are elastic panels that read and measure the muscles and joints. Giving an accurate muscle map of the wearer’s body and providing tension spots that could be the root causes of poor posture or other pain.

Once a posture shirt has accumulated enough data it can be easy to identify what is going wrong with your spine health. NeuroBands will now activate and tighten in these certain areas, helping to provide support as well as ease tension.

Now the NeuroBands posture shirts are heavy on the wallet, that’s why there are other versions that don’t contain as high a level of technology. Other posture shirts utilize flexible and elastic materials, designed in a T shape these posture shirts gently pull your shoulder back. Keeping the spine aligned in a natural way. If you are someone who has a general idea of why your posture is poor then you probably don’t need the NeuroBand feature.

With the world changing daily due to the rise of technology, it’s good to know that devices are being readily made to help combat poor posture