Ruling Fashion Trends 2019

The best part about fashion is that the trends never really go completely out of style – after many years, some of the most hit trends do make a comeback. And 2019 is no exception – quite a few fashion trends are making a comeback in 2019. And be ready to see them all around you! So which are these trends? Let’s have a look:

The beauty of tie-dyes is no longer restricted to those flowy dresses – 2019 will witness the tie-dye trend on everything, right from the tunic, to t-shirts to blazers and skirts! So how about taking on this trend and welcoming summer with tie-dyed cotton tunics? We’re in!

A couple of years ago, Neon had made a dashing entry into the world of fashion. And surprisingly, 2019 saw a lot of neon right at the beginning itself. Celebrities all over made it clear with their bold neon choices that – Neon is here to stay! And so it is – the neon nails, accessories, footwear are all back in the stores. If you’re not a total neon person, you needn’t really go all neon.

You can add a dash of neon here and there in your glam outfit or even better, use the color blocking technique.

Animal print:
For those who find this trend tacky – well, you cannot really do anything about it because it’s back –with a bang! Animal print is going to be visible everywhere – with bags, totes, skirts, jackets that are entirely made up of animal print flooding the markets. So what are you waiting for? Get all sporty and accept this trend whole-heartedly!

This fashion trend seems wintery, but it is so ideally suited for summer! Gear up to beat the summer heat and look super trendy at the same time with these crocheted jackets, pullovers, crop tops and what not! And hey, crocheted accessories are trending too – glam up your summer outfits with these cute looking pieces of clothing and accessories!

These look really cute and sexy at the same time – and they came, they conquered and are here to stay! Right from bags, to purses, to mini-skirts, to tops – everything comes with the fringe-benefits! Pair up a crop top with fringes, with high boots and nail that cowgirl look right there!

So, are you ready to catch up with these trends and experiment with them already?