New Apple Products in 2019: When Tech Meets Fashion and Style!

Monday, February 18 is placed under the signs of leaks on the Apple side. The most accurate analyst on Apple reveals his predictions for 2019.

The Ming-Chi Kuo analysis has built its reputation on Apple leaks. We must acknowledge that the analyst was only slightly mistaken and that his sources, apparently close to the Cupertino firm’s projects, are somewhat reliable. On February 18, 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo delighted fans of the brand with a new leakage tour that affects virtually all Apple products. And if he’s not mistaken, 2019 should be an exciting year.

iPhone 11: Hardware Evolution

The iPhone 11, which may not be called that, is the first on the list of revelations. The analyst gives some of Apple’s main lines of work to ensure that its 2019 model meets expectations:

  • Ultra-wideband connectivity for ultra-precise indoor positioning. It could be used for augmented reality as well as for GPS applications (for example: heading to an airport, shopping mall or museum).
  • Wireless charging of other devices: like the latest Huawei, the iPhone itself could be a kind of removable battery.
  • New Face ID
  • Triple cameras in the back
  • Bigger batteries

Apple traditionally renews its iPhone at the beginning of the school year: you will still have to wait with the excellent iPhone XS to see these features in action.

Mac and MacBook Pro: Pushing the Boundaries

The computer world is not to be outdone, and Ming-Chi Kuo has sent two small bombs that could delight professionals. If confirmed, these two leaks would validate Apple’s position in the very high-end segment.

  • MacBook Pro between 16 and 16.5 inches: Cupertino’s flagship computer could have a larger screen than ever, with a brand new design that might allow the extra thumb to fit without increasing the diagonal of the machine. On the other hand, the 13-inch MacBook Pro could have 32 GB of RAM as an option.
  • 6-inch 6K Apple display: this object would mark Apple’s long-awaited return to the display market, neglected for several years despite models that have been acclaimed time and time again. These will certainly not be gamer screens, but we can expect objects that will check all the boxes in the specifications of image professionals.
  • Modular Mac Pro: Ming-Chi Kuo is convinced that Apple will release a Mac Pro computer that you can easily upgrade at the component level. It’s not very Apple at heart, but it would make sense on expensive machines.


The iPad also has its little rumor: the 9.7-inch models will not change size, but the screen they could carry would be 10.2 inches long. It would be possible by reducing the size of the touchpad borders.


Finally, the analyst confirms several rumors about the most popular Apple accessories.

The Apple Watch would finally see its electrocardiogram activated outside the United States. This functionality, which is part of the medical device, is present on the Watch Series 4 but in a dormant state.

AirPods could finally be updated with wireless charging. Rechargeable directly with iPhone 11?