When fashion influences start-ups!

“When fashion meets technology, the future is built. “These words by Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital Technology, sum up the fact that fashion is taking off in new technologies, and start-ups have understood this well. Focus on new trends and ways of consuming and designing style.

International events

We know all the Fashion week that take place every six months in Paris, New York, Milan, or London. For the past two years, start-ups have been taking advantage of this event and launching Fashion Tech Paris, to exchange and innovate to build the fashion of tomorrow. Based on the same concept, the city of Roubaix in France organized its first “Fashion Tech Days” in March 2015. A real success that brought together more than 250 fashion professionals and allowed them to learn, find inspiration, discover tools, new trends and ways to work on the fashion of tomorrow.

An incubator dedicated to fashion

ShowRoomPrivé, one of the giants of online sales, will very soon inaugurate its incubator dedicated to fashion start-ups: Look Forward. Still very dynamic, the company plans to host between 5 and ten projects on 1500 m² within its premises. A call for applications has already been launched.

Participatory financing is also getting started!

No more scattering and proposing your project on the first site that comes along. “IamLaMode” offers a crowdfunding platform entirely dedicated to fashion. More than just financing, the platform provides real upstream support, i.e., an expert from the site will help you and accompany you during the creation of your campaign. Also, the site also offers the online sale of your products: the crowd supply! And this is only the beginning because several similar platforms are appearing on the market such as MyFashionline or Meet My Designer.

Technology is coming to us.

Portable or wearable technology is more and more present, whether, on our arms, face or any other part of our body, this garment or accessory is more and more popular thanks to the computer and electronic elements it contains.

One of the most famous is certainly the Google Glass, despite its failure, which wanted to offer glasses with an augmented reality. More and more connected jewellery is also appearing, mainly watches, such as Apple Watches or Pebble Watches. There are also products like Bluetooth gloves or a belt that predicts when you’ll have to go to the bathroom, incredible but serious!