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Digital Fashion and the Metaverse

Digital Fashion and the Metaverse

Unlike traditional fashion, digital fashion is not actually worn. However, the technology to make clothing virtual is available, and designers are beginning to make use of it. For instance, Clo3D allows designers to simulate the behavior of fabric in a virtual environment. Digital wearables are often used to adorn avatars.

Digital fashion and the metaverse are both relatively new to the fashion industry. Some companies have been around for years, while others are just getting started. A lot of brands are starting out by creating digital versions of physical clothing. However, most of them are just seeing digital fashion as a marketing tool.

The metaverse is a virtual world where users can dress up their avatars.

It is accessible with a virtual reality headset, and is available to those with a high-speed internet connection. The metaverse will likely become a major player in digital fashion. This is because it is a place where the digital self meets the physical self. It’s also an environment where people can interact with products seamlessly. This means that brands can interact with customers in a new way. For example, Nike recently purchased a virtual shoe company.

Digital fashion and the Metaverse

The metaverse has become a popular topic, and the concept is catching on in many industries. For example, gaming platforms are ideal platforms for digital fashion. They typically have a younger consumer base, and they’re used to interacting with virtual products in a seamless way.

In fact, 72% of US consumers have been online in the last 12 months, and the majority of them have accessed a virtual world at some point.

It has also been used in other ways, including virtual award ceremonies. On Roblox, for example, the virtual award ceremony had over 1.2 million interactions. One of the most impressive features of the ceremony was the use of the latest technology in the industry, including a virtual award, a digital runway, and an interactive virtual award show.

The metaverse also allows users to create their own avatars.

These avatars can be photo-realistic or cartoonish. Typically, they represent real people, but it is possible to create virtual avatars that look like anything. One brand, Tokyo White, offers clothing for metaverse avatars.

It also has a number of other notable features, such as augmented reality and virtual runways. A lot of companies have started to explore the potential of these technologies, with a few companies creating their own aesthetics. Some of these platforms have loyal followings and are starting to show off their capabilities. The best way for brands to capitalize on these new opportunities is to find the right platform for their product.

This concept may be a game-changer for fashion, but there are still plenty of questions to be answered. For example, how will brands be able to find and interact with customers in a digital environment? What will they do to promote transparency? These questions will be answered over time.

While the metaverse is just scratching the surface of the digital fashion industry, the industry is already beginning to recognize the opportunities it has to offer. This is especially true for sportswear brands, which often value innovation and technology.

technology and poor posture

How technology is combating poor posture

Modern technology has become vital in our working lives with most of us spending at least 40hours a week behind a tablet, phone, or laptop. With all this time spent in front of devices, it’s no wonder poor spine health has risen. Bad posture just doesn’t affect older individuals, and the pain isn’t temporary. Permanent issues including hunching, rounded shoulders, and tech neck are all up due to our overuse of technology.

When we achieve good posture our spine, bone,s and joints all fall into alignment no matter what position our body takes. This means sitting, lying down, or standing you are always in the correct spinal alignment. Doing so ensures better physical and mental health! When we fail to do this we experience bad posture and chronic pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. As mentioned poor alignment from activities on work devices is the biggest culprit for the rise in bad posture, however, technology is fighting back to help reduce this.

Many posture braces have entered the market over the last few years. Utilizing different patents, technology, and materials to help combat bad posture. Let’s look over three of these new technological marvels.

UpRight Go s

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone reminded you to sit up straight every time you hunched over? Well with the Upright Go s you have the next best thing! Place this small device on your back, this will be done with either a necklace or adhesive clear strips. Input data within the device’s app, it will need your weight, age, and height. Once done you are ready to go about your day. The Upright Go s will now monitor your posture and every time you hunch over a light vibration will occur! Reminding you to sit back up straight into proper posture. Unlike other posture correctors that unnaturally pull your shoulders back, the Upright Go s fixes your spinal posture naturally. Training your body to align correctly, providing a much more practical way to improve your posture.

As mentioned you can alter settings on the device via the app, this includes how aggressively it vibrates. The Upright Go s can sync with almost any phone via Bluetooth and store data for 30 days. Overall a great new piece of technology that is helping to combat poor posture.

Magnetic Full Back Brace

Similar to traditional posture braces this magnetic back brace will immediately help fix your posture. What makes this device stand out tho is the 12 tourmaline magnets! his full back brace utilizes tourmaline magnets which are embedded within the material. These magnets help to stimulate healthy blood flow across the back and core muscles. Helping to keep your spine healthy optimum, all while gently pushing your shoulders back.

If you want to get immediate relief from tech neck or rounded shoulders a device like a Magnetic full-back brace is defiantly the answer.

Posture Shirts

This next technological marvel just looks like a plain t-shirt, well that’s because it is, but with a twist. This shirt will fix your posture, aligning the spine without you ever having to put in any effort!

A posture shirt works by activating and stimulating specific muscles. It does this with neurobands, which are elastic panels that read and measure the muscles and joints. Giving an accurate muscle map of the wearer’s body and providing tension spots that could be the root causes of poor posture or other pain.

Once a posture shirt has accumulated enough data it can be easy to identify what is going wrong with your spine health. NeuroBands will now activate and tighten in these certain areas, helping to provide support as well as ease tension.

Now the NeuroBands posture shirts are heavy on the wallet, that’s why there are other versions that don’t contain as high a level of technology. Other posture shirts utilize flexible and elastic materials, designed in a T shape these posture shirts gently pull your shoulder back. Keeping the spine aligned in a natural way. If you are someone who has a general idea of why your posture is poor then you probably don’t need the NeuroBand feature.

With the world changing daily due to the rise of technology, it’s good to know that devices are being readily made to help combat poor posture

origins of black friday

What is the Origin of Black Friday?

The term “Black Friday” has a fascinating history. This popular day is the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season, and it’s arguably the busiest shopping day of the year. In its early days, the term referred to a day in which Southern plantation owners could buy enslaved workers at a discounted price. However, that was more of a myth than an actual historical fact.

While there are many theories about the origin of the term “Black Friday,” the most widely accepted one is that the term first originated with the Philadelphia police, which faced massive headaches during the Army-Navy football game and the holiday shopping season. According to Taylor-Blake, the term “Black Friday” first appeared in a newsletter published in 1961. This newsletter mentioned that the day after Thanksgiving had become “Black Friday,” and described the merchants in Philadelphia grappling with a public-relations problem.

What is the origin of Black Friday

It became so popular that it has now become a four-day event, and it has even inspired other retail holidays. For instance, stores started opening earlier than usual on Black Friday, and many consumers – notably, the most dedicated shoppers – could head out right after Thanksgiving dinner.

Although the origin of Black Friday is unclear, the term dates back to the 1960s, when Philadelphia merchants began complaining to the police about a day when they were unable to make sales, it has become synonymous with massive profits for stores. In fact, it became an urban slang in Philadelphia for a few decades, and then it spread to other cities.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when stores reopen and become profitable again. It’s also the day when retail stores go into the “black” after a year of struggle to break even. Before the retail industry began to spin the word, it had a more sinister meaning.

As the popularity of Black Friday continued to grow (read more here), retailers realized that it was a better opportunity to beat the holiday sales season. They began advertising their deals as early as Thanksgiving morning and even emailed specials to consumers weeks before the event. Popular items on sale during Black Friday include electronics, popular toys, apparel, and home furnishings.

The term “Black Friday” came about as a result of police in Philadelphia. At the time, the Army-Navy football game was in Philadelphia, and the city was flooded with shoppers and tourists. As a result, the city police were forced to work extra long shifts in order to keep up with the extra traffic. The chaos in stores led to a higher number of shoplifters.

Black Friday has been the first day of the holiday shopping season since the early 1990s, and major retailers make billions of dollars from the sales on the day after Thanksgiving. The day’s deals also attract aggressive crowds, and many shoppers have been crushed while trying to grab items before they’re gone. Some incidents have even resulted in assaults and shootings.

Will the NFT craze take over the fashion industry?

The NFT universe is interested in fashion and luxury. A shared interest. Speculative bubble or justified craze?

2021 is the year of NFTs, the famous non-fungible tokens that are scaring young and geeky investors by combining cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Sales have exploded in August; speculators are rushing in with glee. A craze favoured by confinements (physical art was no longer accessible) and justified by the growing interest of the art world, sports and media. Marvel put several anthology comics up for sale, a collector spent $600,000 to buy the jpeg of old rock, unpublished photos of the young Kobe Bryant were auctioned using this process, and even the American Visa acquired the image of a virtual punk (one of the 3,840 female punks listed on the platform created by Larva Labs) for $150,000. A work by the artist Beeple was sold as an NFT for $69.3 million at Christie’s last March. The most unexpected examples abound.

Perhaps it’s worth pointing out that an NFT is a digital item that, thanks to blockchain technology, is made non-fungible, i.e. unique and non-exchangeable. The virtual object, whatever it is (an image, a video, a gif, and even a computer code), then takes on an original and authentic character since its ownership is verifiable and attested. A unique image, recognized as the original model, then takes on the character of a work of art. The interest for the owner of an NFT is thus to display a social status (in the same way that one displays an original painting at home or in a foundation in his name: the fact of displaying an original cryptopunk in the cover photo of his Twitter feed thus becomes a sign of wealth) and/or to value a speculative asset.

curate xcur marketplace
Curate is a fashion NFT marketplace

Bubble that is about to burst?

For some sceptics, this fashion is purely and simply a lottery and a bubble that will soon burst. Other collectors, on the other hand, are betting on the simplification of this practice that will make it accessible to the general public very soon. “Within 5-10 years, platforms like Instagram will allow NFTs to be posted. These works will become means of communication: if Gucci offers NFTs to an influencer, those who follow him will want to buy Gucci,” predicts collector Nikola Niksic quoted by France Info. Small difficulty: you have to be familiar with the technology, have an online wallet, inject cryptocurrencies and connect to a dedicated sales website. We are more in a world of geeks than traditional collectors for the moment.

Fashion and more particularly luxury goods, where exclusivity is highly sought after, have understood the interest of NFTs. Both as a vector of communication but also as a new way to the customer experience offering new services. Gucci, a pioneer in the field (the brand had already launched the marketing of digital products) presented its first NFT in the form of a digital art piece representing a metaphorical universe of a galloping horse. This NFT had a starting bid of $20,000 payable in Ethereum. Rimowa, on the other hand, inaugurated its first NFT collection by teaming up with design studio Nuova to imagine four pieces inspired by airline furniture. The series, entitled “Blueprints for the Metaverse”, consists of physical goods transformed into digital artworks.

In June, Valentino inaugurated a digital art exhibition in NFT based on the work of British artist Matthew Stone. Finally, to close this series of examples too numerous to list, let’s mention the giant Louis Vuitton. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of its founder, the trunk-maker launched “Louis: The Game”, a video game in which 30 NFT are integrated. The game features Vivienne, the company’s mascot, on a quest to find the 200 birthday candles along a path designed around six worlds. The trunk-maker’s well-understood idea is to establish a link with the ultra-connected generation of consumers to come. A breakthrough in line with the philosophy of Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton’s CEO, who claims: “The best way to engage people is through the medium they love. A bet on the future.

Ethics and transparency vs. high carbon footprint?

Another potential use of NFTs: sustainable development. This technology would allow luxury and fashion to enter a new decade of transparency and authentication in an ethical way. The customer would be able to follow the history of all transactions from conception to repair of the product. The NFT would also allow to ensure the product or to extend the warranty, and more globally to tighten the links between a luxury house and its customer thanks to secure technology. The company DressX, founded in July 2020 by Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova offer virtual clothes that can be worn digitally by its users for their photos and videos: the company has partnered with NFT to stimulate the purchase of digital assets. One of the main arguments of the two companies is to reduce pollution by consuming virtually. Laudable and innovative wishes. The only catch is that this technology consumes a lot of electricity. The carbon footprint of NFTs is therefore considerable. In short: a technology full of promises but also of paradoxes.

Smart fashion: how technology is making its place in the fashion world

From the connected fridge to the advent of Bitcoin to 3D printing, high-tech does govern the daily life of modern human beings. It is not surprising that more and smarter technologies and connected devices are being discovered in the fashion world. While it all started with gadgets, such as these T-shirts, whose design could be changed in color via LEDs connected to a smartphone, the sector has now moved to a higher level with inventions of a particular technical nature. Discover the smart clothes that will soon make the headlines.

Imagine a denim jacket that could work on some apps on your smartphone if you tapped it in the right place. Today, it’s possible: with its Jacquard project launched in partnership with Google, Levi’s has launched the online clothing bet, the results of which will soon be available in stores. A touch zone made up of conductive wires capable of detecting gestures and integrated into the left sleeve of the jacket sends a Bluetooth signal to your smartphone, transmitting your instructions to the device. You could control calls, request a voice playback of your SMS messages, or listen to music.

Reality? Yes, but augmented!

Augmented reality is also being introduced in the world of fashion. Between Converse’s virtual fittings through our smartphones, the augmented reality glasses that TopShop used to present its new collection, or the use of “human-models” by Lyst, which we can dress according to our wishes thanks to our tablets and smartphones, AR has its place in stores.

Technology at the service of fashion

During Milan Fashion Week last February, Dolce & Gabbana surprised its audience by replacing its models with a parade of drones carrying its latest handbags. We are nowhere near the fur we wore to protect ourselves from the cold, and this is only the beginning.

Solar clothing to recharge your devices

Thanks to a fabric that integrates both solar fiber and condenser capacity, the “supercapacitor fiber” can charge the devices. A team of Asian researchers aims to revolutionize fashion by allowing fashion houses to produce clothes-loaders. If the project has not been fully completed, it could transform fashion and our daily lives.


However, smart-fashion still has many challenges to overcome. For example, it remains to find a way to control the size of the clothes so that they are well-cut, or to combine the different materials into a single garment. Washing is also a consideration. But one thing is for sure; the clothing revolution is well and truly underway!

Google would use hidden web pages to track you even better

A mechanism called “Push Pages” would make it possible to create a unique identifier for each Internet user. That would then be shared with customers of the Authorized Buyers advertising auction system.

Brave just put a few more fangs in Google’s calves. In September 2018, its legal director Johnny Ryan and two other people filed a complaint against the IT giant for non-compliance with the GPDR regulation. They believed that its online auction system for advertising placement (DoubleClick/Authorized Buyers) collects personal data from Internet users. It then disperses it to advertising agencies without the user being informed.

Johnny Ryan adds a layer to this complaint by revealing a new tracking mechanism previously unknown. They do so by creating a cookie for each Internet user, by loading empty pages called “Push Pages.” These pages, which the user does not see, have URLs that are unique to each user. According to the legal director, this identifier is then shared with different customers of Google’s auction system. It allows them to compare and share their data about this Internet user. And, therefore, to establish his behavioral profile: which pages does he visit, when, etc.?

Google would bypass its own protections

According to Brave, this hidden mechanism would bypass protections that Google itself had put in place to comply with the GDPR. In April 2018, the web giant had stopped communicating several identifiers linked to Internet users, including the “DoubleClick ID,” to its customers. That made it possible to track Internet users as soon as they came across an ad served by Google.

According to Brave, the Push Pages ID reintroduces this tracking capability and provides new evidence of the “toxicity” of real-time advertising auctions. As in September 2018, the publisher sent the technical elements of its investigation to the Irish Data Protection Authority.

A Google spokesman explains, “We do not run personalized ads or share auction requests without the user’s consent. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) – which is the lead data protection authority for Google – and the ICO in the United Kingdom are already reviewing real-time auctions to assess their compliance with the GDPR. We welcome this work and cooperate fully.”

Google also believes that the process described by Brave respects the privacy of users and is following its privacy policy. The company also explains that this is a standard practice in the digital advertising industry that is not specific to Google.

The 7 practical reasons why you need to have a NAS at home

Network Attached Storage are not for nerds anymore. They have so much to offer than just storage capacity that you will be surprised. We wanted to introduce this amazing tech device in this article and show 7 reasons why we this this piece of trendy equipment should be found in any household in 2019 and beyond!

storage and streaming across your house

Huge storage capacity

Increasing storage space is one of the main advantages of a NAS. While the size of our computers tends to shrink, so does their local storage capacity. While external hard drives offer limited storage capacity, you can continue to increase the size of your NAS by adding additional hard drives instead of investing in new equipment. All you have to do is add hard disks to the empty bays of the case and plug it on your routeur WiFi. Nas have 2,4,6 and even more bays in which you can add a hard drive up to 14TO. With a 2 bays Nas, it’s up to 28TO of data that you can store.

Share files easily

A NAS allows you to share files among several users. You will just need to let them access to your files or to specific folders. It’s so easy to work on the same files without having to send it every time you modify something on it. A NAS server thus offers the possibility of setting up a centralized storage network that easily exceeds a computer’s storage capacity and allows users to access it at any time.

Your own cloud

Cloud storage is extremely convenient and that’s why it’s used so much. But in the end, a lot of us wonder who really has access to our documents, especially those that store confidential information such as account statements or passwords.
One of the advantages of the NAS is that it works like a cloud but without the fear of data recovery by a third party company. Most Network Storage Attached devices have options that allow you to configure remote access to your documents from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection available. So you can watch a movie or listen to music on your iPad while you’re on vacation halfway around the world – as long as you have the file on your NAS and enough bandwidth.
By providing a link to the people you want to authorize, you can also share access to a specific folder or file. In short, your own cloud.

If this is one of the main reasons why you might want to invest in a NAS, look out for boxes that offer complementary mobile applications for optimized cloud use. Western Digital has made it its trademark with the My Cloud Ex2 Ultra or the My Cloud Pro PR2100.

Automate your backups

We know the importance of making regular backups of your data, but doing it manually can quickly become complicated. Especially since it’s easy to forget to do it one day, then the month goes by, and a year… and one day your hard drive fails you and you lose all your data.

By using a NAS you can set up automatic backups. These backups can even be made as soon as you make a change to a file or folder. You can also set it up to backup the file during the night without any action recquired from you.

A reassuring data protection

With several hard drives you can have a RAID protection that will save your data on both drives. In case of a hard drive failure, you will still have access to your data. And you also have many online Cloud app avalaible to store your data online.

We mentioned the cloud earlier and concerns about data privacy. On the other hand, when it comes to security, the cloud has a major advantage: it is immaterial. Storing all your data only on your NAS exposes them to permanent loss in the event of fire or theft, for example. That’s why manufacturers offer the ability to automate backups to the most popular cloud services. This way you can retrieve your most important data at any time.

Easy to set up

A Nas is very easy to use. You don’t need any knowledge to use them. OS from brands like Synology, Qnap or Asustor are very friendly. They are very similar to what you can have on your smartphone with beautiful icons to navigate through the applications.

Create a media server

With a Nas you can share medias to every connected devices in your home. Play music on your wireless speaker, watch a movie on your smart TV and enjoy pictures from your last vacation on your smartphone. This will definitely impress your guest, you can trust us!

You will also find an HDMI jack and audio output on some NAS. This allows you to connect the NAS directly to a screen, TV or projector and speakers. With the help of various applications you can transform your NAS into a video or audio player and transmit multimedia content live from the device without having to send your data over the network.

Manufacturers such as QNAP and Asustor take the NAS’s autonomy even further by allowing you to control your device with a remote control. In addition, there is a range of app available such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Youtube, Spotify and others. You can even connect a keyboard and mouse to take NAS servers to a new dimension. But don’t expect exceptional performance because even the best NAS is not designed for the same use as a PC.

Apple: Should we fall to the AirPods fashion?

Apple’s famous AirPods wireless headphones are in almost every ear. However, they do not lack the disadvantages.

AirPods: at 160 dollars, you might as well show them off

But in the end, it doesn’t matter what all these defects are, whether they are significant or detailed. If Apple products (sometimes) like their ergonomics, power or interface, it’s always the image they give that counts. Wearing AirPods from Apple offers a fresh look. And rich. Well yes, being at the cutting edge of sound is not cheap. 160 dollars to be more precise.

It is probably why their owners display them in all circumstances, even when they are not listening to music.

Apple AirPods, products not without some defects

Yes, the AirPods offer an incomparable lightness. Pleasant to wear, we forget that they are lodged in our ears which can be very harmful. A foreign body, too long on your body, can create a toxic shock. It is a rather rare occurrence but one that is still possible. But for this to happen, the product would have to last all day. Also, if you are static like on a bus, no issues. But when you walk, or worse, during a jog, you will have to hold on. One of your expensive headphones, if not both, will inevitably fall off at some point during your race. And whatever their position.

Another problem common to almost all Apple products is battery life. The first generation of AirPods lasts an average of five hours without recharging. And five hours, when you use your pair to watch Netflix or edit videos on Adobe, it’s not much. Regularly charging your headphones will, therefore, become a reflex to adopt that may quickly, let us be clear, be tiring.

Apple and its headphones that change your daily life

On paper, these little wonders have the potential to revolutionize your everyday life. Who hasn’t had enough of wasting hours untangling the wires on his headphones? To see them inexorably wrap themselves in his pockets, around our keys. Or even worse: in our hair, if it is long enough. And yet, as they are essential, whether it’s to shorten a trip in the subway, the music is loud and clear, to watch a movie or a series in peace in the university lecture hall or the library. The apple company, aware of our dependence on our headphones, plays us with these AirPods, a must in its range.

It is certainly not the first tech company to offer a wireless model. Good sound lovers will tell you: wireless headsets have been plentiful for years. But Apple is reversing the situation by providing models that are pampered in technical details. With them, no more proximity to your computer or smartphone is required. Your new phone/jewelry can, therefore, be carefully hidden at the bottom of your bag without you being stuck on it. It will limit theft on public transport. Unfortunately, and on reflection, this may be the only real advantage of the model.

weed vaporizers on the rise

5 Reasons To Buy a Weed Vaporizer

Today we will talk about a high-tech fashion product and a trendy accessory that has been making a lot of noise for a few months, the cannabis vaporizer that is your ideal companion to quit smoking tobacco while keeping it stylish. Read on to find out how to impress your friends in the evening!

Portable vaporizers are the latest evolution of desktop vaporizers, which meet our modern lifestyle, spent between home and work, and are a good option for discreet vaporization. The best portable vaporizers on the market offer almost the same vapor quality of home vaporizers (found here and can be used anywhere, anytime. Portable vaporizers are also more accessible than their older brothers, and easier to use.

Here are five reasons to convince yourself to switch to a portable vaporizer.


As their name suggests, portable vapes are… well portable. This allows people with busy lifestyles to vaporize during their lunch break or between two trains. Some vapes are easier to keep with you than others. A Firefly 2, Gpen Elite or Pax 3 can discreetly slip into a pocket, while an Arizer Solo 2 or THE “Mighty” are more for home usage.


weed vaporizers on the rise
weed vaporizers on the rise

Vaporizers evolve quickly. Manufacturers are competing with each other in a tough and competitive market, where quality materials and technological additions make a huge difference: vibrations when the temperature is ready, heating when the vaporizer moves, ultra-fast charging, convection system…

From the first generation of Volcano vaporizer released more than 20 years ago to the Davinci IQ, there has not been a better time to turn to portable vaporizers!


Beyond their small size, which by nature makes them very discreet, the vapor produced by vaporizers will produce very little odor of dried herbs when compared to combustion. Their shape is also similar to a classic electronic cigarette, or for some people a large USB key.


If you have a tight budget, portable vaporizers are the most affordable options available on the market. While high-end vapos like the Firefly 2 exceed 350€, many vaporizers are around 100€. Calculate your savings in paper and tobacco, and the choice is easy to make.

Practicality and style

pax 3 portable vapeWhen you have little time to spare, practicality is important. Portable vaporizers may be the best accessories for quick vaporization on the go.

They often offer only one button to control the ignition and temperature control of the vaporizer. The latest vaporizers are also controllable via a smartphone application which is a plus for us nerds! These vapes also allow you to pack your vaporizer with dried herbs or concentrate while the vaporizer is in your pocket.

Say goodbye to tobacco

Vaporizers, as well as electronic cigarettes, are increasingly successful in reducing dependency on tobacco. Indeed, according to several studies, becoming a vaper helps to reduce or even completely stop tobacco consumption, which is a real health benefit.

It should be noted that e-cigarettes and weed vaporizers do not affect breath like a classic cigarette.

A stylish accessory

The first generation of herb vaporizers didn’t look like much. They were designed in the form of a tube, most often black, or imitating the shape of cigarettes. Today, they have been adopted by many people, and a large variety of models and designs are available on the market.

A lot of vapers these days are starting to “follow the trend.” And the many manufacturers compete with each other in imagination to offer products that stand out. A way to show that, in addition to being useful, vaporizers can be pretty.

What are your thoughts on such devices?

new apple products

New Apple Products in 2019: When Tech Meets Fashion and Style!

Monday, February 18 is placed under the signs of leaks on the Apple side. The most accurate analyst on Apple reveals his predictions for 2019.

The Ming-Chi Kuo analysis has built its reputation on Apple leaks. We must acknowledge that the analyst was only slightly mistaken and that his sources, apparently close to the Cupertino firm’s projects, are somewhat reliable. On February 18, 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo delighted fans of the brand with a new leakage tour that affects virtually all Apple products. And if he’s not mistaken, 2019 should be an exciting year.

iPhone 11: Hardware Evolution

The iPhone 11, which may not be called that, is the first on the list of revelations. The analyst gives some of Apple’s main lines of work to ensure that its 2019 model meets expectations:

  • Ultra-wideband connectivity for ultra-precise indoor positioning. It could be used for augmented reality as well as for GPS applications (for example: heading to an airport, shopping mall or museum).
  • Wireless charging of other devices: like the latest Huawei, the iPhone itself could be a kind of removable battery.
  • New Face ID
  • Triple cameras in the back
  • Bigger batteries

Apple traditionally renews its iPhone at the beginning of the school year: you will still have to wait with the excellent iPhone XS to see these features in action.

Mac and MacBook Pro: Pushing the Boundaries

The computer world is not to be outdone, and Ming-Chi Kuo has sent two small bombs that could delight professionals. If confirmed, these two leaks would validate Apple’s position in the very high-end segment.

  • MacBook Pro between 16 and 16.5 inches: Cupertino’s flagship computer could have a larger screen than ever, with a brand new design that might allow the extra thumb to fit without increasing the diagonal of the machine. On the other hand, the 13-inch MacBook Pro could have 32 GB of RAM as an option.
  • 6-inch 6K Apple display: this object would mark Apple’s long-awaited return to the display market, neglected for several years despite models that have been acclaimed time and time again. These will certainly not be gamer screens, but we can expect objects that will check all the boxes in the specifications of image professionals.
  • Modular Mac Pro: Ming-Chi Kuo is convinced that Apple will release a Mac Pro computer that you can easily upgrade at the component level. It’s not very Apple at heart, but it would make sense on expensive machines.


The iPad also has its little rumor: the 9.7-inch models will not change size, but the screen they could carry would be 10.2 inches long. It would be possible by reducing the size of the touchpad borders.


Finally, the analyst confirms several rumors about the most popular Apple accessories.

The Apple Watch would finally see its electrocardiogram activated outside the United States. This functionality, which is part of the medical device, is present on the Watch Series 4 but in a dormant state.

AirPods could finally be updated with wireless charging. Rechargeable directly with iPhone 11?

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