5 Reasons To Buy a Weed Vaporizer

Today we will talk about a high-tech fashion product and a trendy accessory that has been making a lot of noise for a few months, the cannabis vaporizer that is your ideal companion to quit smoking tobacco while keeping it stylish. Read on to find out how to impress your friends in the evening!

Portable vaporizers are the latest evolution of desktop vaporizers, which meet our modern lifestyle, spent between home and work, and are a good option for discreet vaporization. The best portable vaporizers on the market offer almost the same vapor quality of home vaporizers (found here cannabis-vaporizer.org/tisch-vaporizer/) and can be used anywhere, anytime. Portable vaporizers are also more accessible than their older brothers, and easier to use.

Here are five reasons to convince yourself to switch to a portable vaporizer.


As their name suggests, portable vapes are… well portable. This allows people with busy lifestyles to vaporize during their lunch break or between two trains. Some vapes are easier to keep with you than others. A Firefly 2, Gpen Elite or Pax 3 can discreetly slip into a pocket, while an Arizer Solo 2 or THE “Mighty” are more for home usage.


weed vaporizers on the rise
weed vaporizers on the rise

Vaporizers evolve quickly. Manufacturers are competing with each other in a tough and competitive market, where quality materials and technological additions make a huge difference: vibrations when the temperature is ready, heating when the vaporizer moves, ultra-fast charging, convection system…

From the first generation of Volcano vaporizer released more than 20 years ago to the Davinci IQ, there has not been a better time to turn to portable vaporizers!


Beyond their small size, which by nature makes them very discreet, the vapor produced by vaporizers will produce very little odor of dried herbs when compared to combustion. Their shape is also similar to a classic electronic cigarette, or for some people a large USB key.


If you have a tight budget, portable vaporizers are the most affordable options available on the market. While high-end vapos like the Firefly 2 exceed 350€, many vaporizers are around 100€. Calculate your savings in paper and tobacco, and the choice is easy to make.

Practicality and style

pax 3 portable vapeWhen you have little time to spare, practicality is important. Portable vaporizers may be the best accessories for quick vaporization on the go.

They often offer only one button to control the ignition and temperature control of the vaporizer. The latest vaporizers are also controllable via a smartphone application which is a plus for us nerds! These vapes also allow you to pack your vaporizer with dried herbs or concentrate while the vaporizer is in your pocket.

Say goodbye to tobacco

Vaporizers, as well as electronic cigarettes, are increasingly successful in reducing dependency on tobacco. Indeed, according to several studies, becoming a vaper helps to reduce or even completely stop tobacco consumption, which is a real health benefit.

It should be noted that e-cigarettes and weed vaporizers do not affect breath like a classic cigarette.

A stylish accessory

The first generation of herb vaporizers didn’t look like much. They were designed in the form of a tube, most often black, or imitating the shape of cigarettes. Today, they have been adopted by many people, and a large variety of models and designs are available on the market.

A lot of vapers these days are starting to “follow the trend.” And the many manufacturers compete with each other in imagination to offer products that stand out. A way to show that, in addition to being useful, vaporizers can be pretty.

What are your thoughts on such devices?