Apple: Should we fall to the AirPods fashion?

Apple’s famous AirPods wireless headphones are in almost every ear. However, they do not lack the disadvantages.

AirPods: at 160 dollars, you might as well show them off

But in the end, it doesn’t matter what all these defects are, whether they are significant or detailed. If Apple products (sometimes) like their ergonomics, power or interface, it’s always the image they give that counts. Wearing AirPods from Apple offers a fresh look. And rich. Well yes, being at the cutting edge of sound is not cheap. 160 dollars to be more precise.

It is probably why their owners display them in all circumstances, even when they are not listening to music.

Apple AirPods, products not without some defects

Yes, the AirPods offer an incomparable lightness. Pleasant to wear, we forget that they are lodged in our ears which can be very harmful. A foreign body, too long on your body, can create a toxic shock. It is a rather rare occurrence but one that is still possible. But for this to happen, the product would have to last all day. Also, if you are static like on a bus, no issues. But when you walk, or worse, during a jog, you will have to hold on. One of your expensive headphones, if not both, will inevitably fall off at some point during your race. And whatever their position.

Another problem common to almost all Apple products is battery life. The first generation of AirPods lasts an average of five hours without recharging. And five hours, when you use your pair to watch Netflix or edit videos on Adobe, it’s not much. Regularly charging your headphones will, therefore, become a reflex to adopt that may quickly, let us be clear, be tiring.

Apple and its headphones that change your daily life

On paper, these little wonders have the potential to revolutionize your everyday life. Who hasn’t had enough of wasting hours untangling the wires on his headphones? To see them inexorably wrap themselves in his pockets, around our keys. Or even worse: in our hair, if it is long enough. And yet, as they are essential, whether it’s to shorten a trip in the subway, the music is loud and clear, to watch a movie or a series in peace in the university lecture hall or the library. The apple company, aware of our dependence on our headphones, plays us with these AirPods, a must in its range.

It is certainly not the first tech company to offer a wireless model. Good sound lovers will tell you: wireless headsets have been plentiful for years. But Apple is reversing the situation by providing models that are pampered in technical details. With them, no more proximity to your computer or smartphone is required. Your new phone/jewelry can, therefore, be carefully hidden at the bottom of your bag without you being stuck on it. It will limit theft on public transport. Unfortunately, and on reflection, this may be the only real advantage of the model.